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Member Table: Item Label

Member Description
BaseLayoutItem.Text Specifies the text associated with the layout item.
LayoutControlItem.TextAlignMode Gets or sets the alignment settings of the item’s control.
BaseLayoutItem.TextLocation Specifies the position of the item’s label.
LayoutControlGroup.TextLocation Specifies the group’s side along which the group’s caption is displayed.
BaseLayoutItem.TextSize Specifies the size of the item’s label.
BaseLayoutItem.TextToControlDistance Specifies the distance between the control displayed within the layout item and the text label.
BaseLayoutItem.TextVisible Specifies whether the item’s label is visible.
BaseLayoutItem.AppearanceItemCaption Provides access to the appearance settings used to paint the item’s label.
LayoutControlItem.Image and LayoutControlItem.ImageIndex Gets or sets the icon displayed in the item’s label.
LayoutControlItem.ImageAlignment Gets or sets the alignment of the icon in the label.
LayoutControlItem.ImageToTextDistance Gets or sets the distance between the label’s text and icon.
LayoutControlItem.AllowHtmlStringInCaption Gets or sets whether HTML formatting is allowed in the text that is associated with the layout item.