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Hit Information

Like other DevExpress .NET WinForms controls the Layout Control allows you to identify which element of the control is located under a specific point. For instance, this is useful if you need to respond to clicking a specific visual element (a particular layout item, tab page, etc).

To identify an element under a test point, you can call the LayoutControl.CalcHitInfo method.

You can also handle the LayoutControl.PopupMenuShowing event to perform specific actions when a Layout Control is right-clicked (Note that this event will not fire if a control displayed within a layout item is right-clicked). In this instance, the event’s HitInfo parameter identifies an element under the clicked point.

The HitInfo parameter and the LayoutControl.CalcHitInfo method return an object of the BaseLayoutItemHitInfo class. The BaseLayoutItemHitInfo.Item property will specify the type of the item that has been clicked. The BaseLayoutItemHitInfo.HitType property will specify the type of the item’s element

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