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Field Location and Order

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The PivotGridControl provides four areas where data source fields can be located. These areas are: Data Header Area, Column Header Area, Filter Header Area and Row Header Area. Fields located within these areas are called Data, Column, Filter and Row fields, respectively. End-users can change field locations or order via drag-and-drop.



Field Location Areas

Visibility of these areas is controlled by a Pivot Grid Control’s view options available via the PivotGridControl.OptionsView property.

A field’s location is specified by its PivotGridFieldBase.Area property. Its PivotGridFieldBase.AreaIndex property specifies the field’s position (order) amongst other fields displayed within the same area.

By default, fields can be located within all areas. The PivotGridFieldBase.AllowedAreas property specifies in which areas a particular field can be placed.

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