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Create Names from Selection Dialog

The Create Names from Selection dialog allows end-users to automatically create names for rows or columns in the selected range from values in the specified column (top or bottom) or row (left or right) in this range.

This approach requires the following steps.

  • Select a range of cells to be named, including a row or column that contains values to be used for generating names.
  • Press CTRL+SHIFT+F3 or click the Create from Selection button on the Formulas tab in the Ribbon UI.


  • In the invoked Create Names from Selection dialog, select a row or column to use its cell values for creating names, and click OK.

    A name for each row or column in the selected range is generated from the corresponding cell value in the column or row specified in the Create Names from Selection dialog. Cells of the specified column or row are not included in named rows or columns.


For an example on how to provide your spreadsheet application with a Ribbon UI, see the Getting Started topic.