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PivotTable Sort Dialog

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The Sort dialog allows end-users to sort items in a Pivot Table row or column fields.

End-users can invoke this dialog by clicking the arrow Spreadsheet_FilterAndSortArrow in the Row Labels or Column Labels cell and selecting the More Sort Options… item in the invoked menu. If there are multiple fields in the area, select the row or column field that should be sorted before invoking the dialog.


The invoked Sort dialog box allows end-users to select the desired sort order and the field to sort by. End-users can select a data field to sort items in the selected row or column field based on summary values in the report’s data area. The Summary section displays the resulting sorting rule.


Clicking the More Options… button invokes the More Sort Options dialog, which allows end-users to specify additional sort options. If sorting by a data field is selected, the Sort By section becomes available. Its options enable end-users to specify values by which the field should be sorted: by the Grand Total values or a given row or column.

The Summary section displays the resulting sorting rule.



Use the PivotField.SortType property to sort items in a row or column field in ascending or descending order. Call the PivotField.SortItems method to sort items in a field by summary values in the data area. Refer to the How to: Sort Items in a Pivot Table topic for details.