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Page Setup Dialog in Spreadsheet Control

  • 4 minutes to read

The Page Setup dialog allows end-users to specify the page orientation, paper size, margins, printout options, and it allows them to add headers and footers to a worksheet.

End-users can invoke the Page Setup dialog by clicking the dialog box launcher located in the bottom-right corner of the Page Setup group on the Page Layout tab of the ribbon UI. For an example on how to create a ribbon UI and add the Page Setup page group to the SpreadsheetControl, refer to the Getting Started topic.


The Page Setup dialog includes the following tabs.

An end-user can click the Print button located at the bottom of each tab to send the worksheet to a printer, or invoke the Print Preview window to view a worksheet before printing by clicking the Print Preview button.


The Black and white, Draft quality and Comments options are not taken into account when printing a document from the SpreadsheetControl. However, they are saved to a file, so you can use Microsoft® Excel® or another spreadsheet application to load and print a document.

For examples on how to specify print settings for a worksheet in code, refer to the Printing section.