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Resource Mappings

Mapping Type Required? Description
ResourceMappingInfo.Caption String No Maps to the Resource.Caption property. The text is displayed in the resource editor in the AppointmentForm, and in the SchedulerControl as the resource caption if the SchedulerControl.GroupType is set to SchedulerGroupType.Resource or SchedulerGroupType.Date.
ResourceMappingInfo.Color Int32 or Color, depending on the ResourceStorageBase.ColorSaving setting. No Specified the data field name containing data used to set the resource color. If the mapping is not set, colors from the SchedulerControl.ResourceColorSchemas are used.
ResourceMappingInfo.Id Object (any type) Yes Maps to the IPersistentObject.Id property. A resource identity that should be unique.
ResourceMappingInfo.Image Object No Maps to the Resource.ImageBytes property. The picture is displayed in the Resource Headers.
ResourceMappingInfo.ParentId Object (any type) Yes (for Gantt View only) Maps to the Resource.ParentId property. Identifies the parent resource in the hierarchical resource structure. Should be the same type as the Id Resource mapping.