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RichEditControl.MailMerge(MailMergeOptions, Stream, DocumentFormat) Method

Merges the current document using the specified options and sends the result to the specified stream in a specified format.

Namespace: DevExpress.Xpf.RichEdit

Assembly: DevExpress.Xpf.RichEdit.v21.2.dll


public void MailMerge(
    MailMergeOptions options,
    Stream stream,
    DocumentFormat format


Name Type Description
options MailMergeOptions

A MailMergeOptions interface exposing options for the current merge.

stream Stream

A Stream object that is the output stream.

format DocumentFormat

A DocumentFormat enumeration member specifying the destination format.


The MailMerge method merges the current document with records starting from the MailMergeOptions.FirstRecordIndex through the MailMergeOptions.LastRecordIndex retrieved from the MailMergeOptions.DataSource specified via the options parameter, and sends the merged document to the specified stream.

The MailMerge method results in the RichEditControl.CalculateDocumentVariable event being fired for the RichEditControl object.

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