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How to: Automatically Invoke DXSplashScreen


You are viewing documentation for the legacy DXSplashScreen. We recommend that you use the Splash Screen Manager or the SplashScreenManagerService to add the splash screen functionality to your applications.

After DXSplashScreen has been added to your project, you need to invoke it on the application startup. It can be invoked automatically or manually.

Invoking DXSplashScreen Automatically

DXSplashScreen can be automatically invoked on window loading and automatically closed when the window is completely initialized. To implement this scenario, add the following line of code to your main window’s XAML file.

dxc:DXSplashScreen.SplashScreenType="{x:Type local:SplashScreenView1}"

where dxc and local are declared as follows:


A default splash screen contains a progress bar indicating the progress of a load operation. When DXSplashScreen is set to be automatically displayed/closed, there is no way to control the progress of the progress bar. To have the ability to control the progress, DXSplashScreen needs to be manually displayed.

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