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How to: Add DXSplashScreen to Your Project


You are viewing documentation for the legacy DXSplashScreen. We recommend that you use the Splash Screen Manager or the SplashScreenManagerService to add the splash screen functionality to your applications.

DXSplashScreen can be added to your application at design time from a project’s menu. After it has been added to the project, call specific code to invoke the generated splash screen at startup.

Adding DXSplashScreen to a Project

  1. Right-click the project in Solution Explorer and select Add DevExpress Item | New Item..


  2. In the invoked DevExpress Template Gallery, click the DXSplashScreen item.


    When adding DXSplashScreen to a project, a XAML file defining the splash screen is generated. The images displayed in the splash screen by default are added to the project as well. By changing the XAML code generated, you can customize the splash screen according to your requirements.

After DXSplashScreen has been added to your project, you will need to invoke it on application startup. It can be invoked automatically or manually.

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