How to: Add Spell Check Items to the Standard Text Controls' Context Menu

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The following code example shows how to add spell check items for the .NET RichTextBox control's context menu.


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Create Binding to the RichTextEditor's Context Menu

Create a new MenuItems property in code-behind and bind it to the RichTextBox's ContextMenu property in XAML, as shown below:

public MainWindow()
    DataContext = this;

public ObservableCollection<object> MenuItems { get; } = new ObservableCollection<object>();

Add SpellChecker Behavior

Add the SpellChecker behavior to the RichTextBox in XAML. Refer to the Lesson 1 - Configure Spell Checking Behavior lesson for more information about the SpellChecker behavior and an example on how to add dictionaries.

<RichTextBox x:Name="richTextBox">
        <ContextMenu ItemsSource="{Binding Path=MenuItems}"/>
        <dxspch:DXSpellChecker Culture="en-US" CheckAsYouType="True"/>

Handle the PreviewMouseRightButtonUp Event

Call the GetErrorOperationCommands method to obtain a list of available commands and assign it to the MenuItems property in the PreviewMouseRightButtonUp event handler. The SpellCheckerCommand.DoCommand method executes the retrieved command.

void RichTextBox_PreviewMouseRightButtonUp(object sender, MouseButtonEventArgs e)
    var commands = this.richTextBox.GetErrorOperationCommands(e.GetPosition(this.richTextBox));
    foreach (var command in commands)
        var menuItem = new MenuItem();
        menuItem.Header = command.Caption;
        menuItem.Click += (s, args) => command.DoCommand();
        menuItem.IsEnabled = command.Enabled;
    if (MenuItems.Count == 0)
        MenuItems.Add(new MenuItem() { Header = "No Error", IsEnabled = false });