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Vector Items

Vector items allow you to show different shapes such as pushpins, bubbles, pie charts, lines, and etc. on a map. The Map Control uses vector layers to store vector items. The Vector Data section contains guides that describe how to provide vector data to a map and customize vector items’ appearance.

The following image shows how to use bubbles to display information about earthquakes. The bubbles’ sizes are proportional to the magnitude, their color indicate the year when earthquake occurred, and geographical coordinates define their location.


Available Items

The Map Control provides the following vector items:

Item Options

The table below lists the vector items’ main properties:

Group Properties
Availability MapDataAdapterBase.DisplayItems
Appearance MapShapeBase.Fill, MapShapeBase.Stroke, MapShapeBase.StrokeStyle, MapShapeBase.HighlightFill, MapShapeBase.HighlightStroke, MapShapeBase.HighlightStrokeStyle, MapShapeBase.SelectedFill, MapShapeBase.SelectedStroke, MapShapeBase.SelectedStrokeStyle
Title MapShapeBase.TitleOptions