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How to: Insert Page Numbers in Header or Footer

While editing the document’s header or footer, you can insert fields specifying the current page number or the total number of pages in a document.

  1. Enter the header/footer editing mode. For this, double-click the existing header or footer, or use the Header or Footer command button to insert a new one.


  2. To insert the number of the current page or the total number of pages in a document, use the Page Number and Page Count buttons on the Header & Footer toolbar or Ribbon page group.


    • or -

    Insert the PAGE or NUMPAGES field manually. To do this, press the CTRL+F9 key combination to insert a field. A pair of braces appears, indicating the code range of the field. Type in ‘PAGE’ to denote a page number or ‘NUMPAGES’ for the total number of pages in the document. Then right-click the field and select Update Field in the context menu.


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