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TdxSpreadSheetFunctionsRepository Methods

Stores all function signatures available to the spreadsheet formula engine.
Name Description
Add(TcxResourceStringID,TdxSpreadSheetFunction,TdxSpreadSheetFunctionParamInfo,TdxSpreadSheetFunctionResultKind,Word,TdxSpreadSheetFunctionType,TcxResourceStringID,Integer,Boolean) Adds a new function signature to the spreadsheet function repository.
Add(Pointer) Inherited from TList.
AddUnknown(string,TdxSpreadSheetFunctionType) Saves an “unknown” function name token as an unimplemented function signature in the spreadsheet function repository.
Assign(TList,TListAssignOp,TList) Inherited from TList.
Clear Clears the list. Inherited from TcxObjectList.
Delete(Integer) Inherited from TList.
Equals(TObject) Inherited from TObject.
Error(PResStringRec,NativeInt) Inherited from TList.
Error(String,NativeInt) Inherited from TList.
Exchange(Integer,Integer) Inherited from TList.
Expand Inherited from TList.
Extract(Pointer) Inherited from TList.
ExtractItem(Pointer,TDirection) Inherited from TList.
First Inherited from TList.
FreeAndDelete(Integer) Destroys a stored item by its index in the list. Inherited from TcxObjectList.
FreeAndRemove(TObject) Removes the specified item from the list and destroys it. Inherited from TcxObjectList.
GetHashCode Inherited from TObject.
GetInfoByID(Integer) Provides access to the first occurrence of a registered function signature with the specified XLS token.
GetInfoByName(PChar,Integer) Provides access to an individual registered function signature by its public name.
HasFunctions(TdxSpreadSheetFunctionType) Identifies whether the repository contains at least one implemented function that belongs to the specified category.
IndexOf(Pointer) Inherited from TList.
IndexOfItem(Pointer,TDirection) Inherited from TList.
Insert(Integer,Pointer) Inherited from TList.
Last Inherited from TList.
Move(Integer,Integer) Inherited from TList.
Pack Inherited from TList.
Remove(TcxResourceStringID) Removes a function signature from the repository by a specified public name.
Remove(Pointer) Inherited from TList.
RemoveItem(Pointer,TDirection) Inherited from TList.
Sort(TListSortCompare) Inherited from TList.
SortList(TListSortCompareFunc) Inherited from TList.
ToString Inherited from TObject.
TranslationChanged(TdxSpreadSheetFormatSettings) Updates format settings for the spreadsheet function repository.
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