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TcxGridChartItemDataBinding.ValueTypeClass Property

Determines the data type of the data binding.


property ValueTypeClass: TcxValueTypeClass read; write;

Property Value



The ValueTypeClass property specifies the data type of the data binding, thus determining the type of value an item represents. Usually ValueTypeClass should only be set for the unbound and provider modes. This ensures correct memory allocation, validation and sorting of item values. The ValueType property specifies the string representation of the data type. This property can be used to set an item’s data type at design time.

In bound mode, the ValueTypeClass and ValueType properties are assigned automatically based upon the field’s type. To create an unbound item of the specified type in your data-aware Views, customize these properties as needed. This also requires the DataBinding.FieldName property to be unassigned, the DataController.DataModeController.SmartRefresh property to be set to True and the DataController.KeyFieldNames property to have a value.

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