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Filter Field

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Filter fields are located in the pivot grid’s filter header area. Filter fields allow end-users to apply a filter to the entire ExpressPivotGrid control to display data for specific values. End-users can specify the filter criteria using the filter dropdown which is invoked by clicking the filter button. To further filter the data displayed within the data area, end-users can apply filter criteria to the field values of column fields and row fields.

The table below lists the main properties which affect a filter field’s appearance and behavior.

Binding Settings

The DataBinding property.


The Visible property.

The pivot grid’s OptionsView.FilterFields property.


The Area and AreaIndex properties.

For filter fields, the Area property is set to faFilter.


For all field headers, the pivot grid’s Styles.FieldHeader property.

To dynamically customize these style settings, handle the pivot grid’s Styles.OnGetFieldHeaderStyle event.


These style settings do not modify an element’s background if the pivot grid is painted using the Windows XP (native) or Office2003 style.

Custom Draw Event

The OnCustomDrawFieldHeader event.

Linking with Other Fields

The Group property.

Filter Criteria

The Filter property.

Context Menu

Refer to the Field Header Context Menu topic.


The pivot grid’s OptionsBehavior.FieldHeaderHints property.

The pivot grid’s OnGetCellHint event.

HitTest Information

The HitTest.HitAtField property.

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