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CheckSpellingCommand Properties

Represents a command that starts the spell check in the current document.

Name Description
CommandSourceType Gets or sets the type of the object which invokes the command.
(Inherited from Command)
Description Gets the text description of a command.
(Inherited from Command)

Gets a string resource identifier of a command description.

HideDisabled Gets or sets whether the object to which the command is attached is hidden, if the command is disabled.
(Inherited from Command)

Gets the ID of the CheckSpellingCommand.

Image Gets an image associated with the command.
(Inherited from Command)

Gets the name of the resource image corresponding to CheckSpellingCommand.


Gets the Key Tips for the command.

LargeImage Gets a larger image associated with the command.
(Inherited from Command)
MenuCaption Gest the menu caption associated with the current command.
(Inherited from Command)

Gets a string resource identifier of a menu caption corresponding to CheckSpellingCommand.


Gets whether the focus should be set to the command owner after a command is executed.

(Inherited from Command)
(Inherited from Command)
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