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.NET Framework 4.5.2+

BoxAndWhiskerSeriesOptions Interface

Contains options for box and whisker data series.

Namespace: DevExpress.Spreadsheet.Charts

Assembly: DevExpress.Spreadsheet.v23.1.Core.dll


public interface BoxAndWhiskerSeriesOptions


Use the BoxAndWhiskerSeriesOptions object’s properties to specify series options for a box and whisker chart.

Property Description
BoxAndWhiskerSeriesOptions.ShowInnerPoints Specifies whether to show inner data points that lie between the lower and upper whisker lines.
BoxAndWhiskerSeriesOptions.ShowOutlierPoints Specifies whether to show outlier data points that lie either below the lower whisker line or above the upper whisker line.
BoxAndWhiskerSeriesOptions.ShowMeanLine Specifies whether to display a line that connects the means of boxes in the series.
BoxAndWhiskerSeriesOptions.ShowMeanMarkers Specifies whether to show the mean markers.
BoxAndWhiskerSeriesOptions.QuartileCalculationMethod Defines the quartile calculation method.


The example below demonstrates how to create a box and whisker chart and specify its options.

Box and Whisker chart

// Create a box and whisker chart and specify its location.
Chart chart = worksheet.Charts.Add(ChartType.BoxAndWhisker, worksheet["B2:E17"]);
chart.TopLeftCell = worksheet.Cells["G2"];
chart.BottomRightCell = worksheet.Cells["N17"];

// Set the minimum and maximum values for the value axis.
Axis axis = chart.PrimaryAxes[1];
axis.Scaling.AutoMax = false;
axis.Scaling.Max = 70;
axis.Scaling.AutoMin = false;
axis.Scaling.Min = 40;

// Specify series options.
foreach (Series series in chart.Series)
    var options = series.LayoutOptions.BoxAndWhisker;
    options.ShowInnerPoints = true;
    options.ShowMeanLine = false;
    options.ShowOutlierPoints = true;
    options.ShowMeanMarkers = true;
    options.QuartileCalculationMethod = QuartileCalculationMethod.ExclusiveMedian;

// Add the chart title.
chart.Title.Visible = true;
chart.Title.SetValue("Academic Performance Distribution");
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