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DataFormTextEditorWithAffixAttributeBase Properties

The base class for attributes that contain affixes.
Name Description
CharacterCasing Gets or sets whether to automatically convert characters to lowercase or uppercase when a user enters text in the editor. Inherited from DataFormTextEditorAttributeBase.
ClearIconVisibility Gets or sets whether the clear icon is displayed. Inherited from DataFormTextEditorAttributeBase.
DisplayFormat Gets or sets the format string for the editor’s value.
InplaceLabelText Gets or sets the inplace editor’s label text. This is a bindable property. Inherited from DataFormTextEditorAttributeBase.
IsInplaceLabelFloating Gets or sets whether the label changes its position depending on the editor state, or it is pinned to the top of the editor box. Inherited from DataFormTextEditorAttributeBase.
IsReadOnly Gets or sets whether users can change a value in the editor. Inherited from DataFormTextEditorAttributeBase.
Keyboard Gets or sets the type of keyboard used to input text. Inherited from DataFormTextEditorAttributeBase.
Placeholder Gets or sets the editor’s placeholder text. Inherited from DataFormTextEditorAttributeBase.
Prefix Gets or sets the prefix text displayed before the input string in the edit box.
ReturnType Gets or sets the appearance of the ‘Return’ button on the operating system’s on-screen keyboard. Inherited from DataFormTextEditorAttributeBase.
Suffix Gets or sets the suffix text displayed after the input string in the edit box.
TypeId When implemented in a derived class, gets a unique identifier for this Attribute. Inherited from Attribute.
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