SpellCheckerDictionaryBase Properties

Defines the base class for XtraSpellChecker dictionaries.
Name Description
AlphabetChars Gets the alphabetical list of characters for the current dictionary. Inherited from DictionaryBase.
AlphabetPath Gets or sets the path to the alphabet file used for creating the SpellCheckerISpellDictionary.
CacheKey Gets or sets a unique identifier of a dictionary instance for caching purposes.
CanCacheDictionary Indicates whether a dictionary can be placed in the cache.
CaseSensitive Gets or sets the flag that affects the case sensitivity of the search algorithm and the rules of comparison.
Culture Gets or sets the culture specific settings of the dictionary. Inherited from DictionaryBase.
DictionaryPath Gets or sets the path to the dictionary file. Inherited from DictionaryBase.
Encoding Gets or sets the dictionary text encoding.
Item[Int32] Gets or sets the word at the specified index in the dictionary.
Loaded Gets whether the dictionary is loaded. Inherited from DictionaryBase.
WordCount Gets the number of word entries contained in the dictionary.
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