SpellCheckerDictionary.LoadAlphabetFromStream(Stream) Method

Obsolete. Loads the alphabet from the specified stream into the current SpellCheckerDictionary object.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraSpellChecker

Assembly: DevExpress.SpellChecker.v20.2.Core.dll


[Obsolete("This method has become obsolete. To load an alphabet from a stream use the 'FillAlphabetFromStream' method. To obtain the loaded alphabet use the 'AlphabetChars' property.", true)]
public char[] LoadAlphabetFromStream(
    Stream stream


Name Type Description
stream Stream

A Stream object which stores the alphabet.


Type Description

An array of characters, representing the alphabet for the current language.


The alphabet is a language and culture specific ordered set of characters. It is used to construct word derivatives and sort them.

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