SchedulerPrintAdapter Events

A base class for print adapters of the XtraSchedulerReport.
Name Description
ClientTimeZoneIdChanged Occurs when the SchedulerPrintAdapter.ClientTimeZoneId property value is changed.
Disposed Occurs when the component is disposed by a call to the Dispose() method. Inherited from Component.
FirstDayOfWeekChanged Occurs when the SchedulerPrintAdapter.FirstDayOfWeek property value is changed.
ResourceColorsChanged Occurs when the SchedulerPrintAdapter.ResourceColorSchemas collection is modified.
SchedulerSourceChanged Occurs when the Scheduler source of the print adapter is changed.
TimeIntervalChanged Occurs when the SchedulerPrintAdapter.TimeInterval value is changed.
ValidateAppointments Occurs when appointments are retrieved to create a report document.
ValidateResources Occurs when resources are obtained for use in the report.
ValidateTimeIntervals Occurs when the print adapter retrieves information on time intervals required for creating a report.
ValidateWorkTime Occurs when the print adapter retrieves the work time value for use in the report.
WorkTimeChanged Occurs when the SchedulerPrintAdapter.WorkTime property is modified.
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