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PivotGridFieldFilterValues Properties

Contains filter values for a specific field.
Name Description
Count Gets the number of elements in the PivotGridFieldFilterValues.Values array.
DeferFilterString For internal use.
Field Gets the field which owns the current collection.
FilterType Gets or sets the field’s filter type.
HasFilter Gets whether the current PivotGridFieldFilterValues object specifies non-empty filter criteria.
IsEmpty Gets whether the current collection contains values used to filter against the current field.
OLAPValuesCachePersistentString Serializes OLAP cache values. For internal use.
ShowBlanks Gets or sets whether records that contain NULL values in the current field should be processed by the control.
Values Gets or sets an array of filter values.
ValuesCore For internal use.
ValuesExcluded Gets or sets which values are excluded from the current field.
ValuesIncluded Gets or sets the values that are displayed in the current field.
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