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IThreadSafeField Members

Provides thread-safe access to a pivot grid field.


Name Description
AllowedAreas Gets areas within which the field can be positioned.
Area Gets the area in which the field is displayed.
AreaIndex Gets the field index from among the other fields displayed within the same area.
Caption Gets the field’s display caption.
DataType Gets the field’s data type.
DisplayFolder Gets the name of the folder in which the field is located.
ExpandedInFieldsGroup Gets the expansion status of the current field if it belongs to a field group.
FieldName Gets the name of the data source field assigned to the current pivot grid field.
Group Gets the group which owns the current field.
GroupIndex Gets the index of the field group that owns the current field.
GroupInterval Gets how values of the current column or row field are combined into groups.
GroupIntervalNumericRange Gets the length of intervals when values are grouped together.
Name Gets or sets the field’s name.
RunningTotal Gets whether Running totals are calculated for values in the Data Area that correspond to the current column or row field.
ShowNewValues Gets whether field values that have appeared in the datasource after the field’s filtering was configured should be shown.
SortMode Gets how the field’s data is sorted when sorting is applied to it.
SortOrder Gets the field’s sort order.
SummaryType Gets the type of the summary function which is calculated against the current data field.
Tag Gets the data associated with the field.
TopValueCount Gets the absolute or relative number of field values displayed for the current column field or row field.
TopValueShowOthers Gets whether the “Others” item is displayed within PivotGridControl when the Top N Value feature is enabled.
TopValueType Gets how the number of Top Values is determined.
UnboundExpression Gets or sets an expression used to evaluate values for the current unbound field.
UnboundFieldName Gets the name of a column in a summary data source that corresponds to the current unbound field.
UnboundType Gets the data type and binding mode of the field.
Visible Gets or sets whether the field is visible.
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