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IDataStoreAsync Methods

The interface for objects that need to interact with a data store asynchronously.
Name Description
ModifyData(ModificationStatement[]) Updates data in a data store using the specified modification statements. Inherited from IDataStore.
ModifyDataAsync(CancellationToken, ModificationStatement[]) Uses specified modification statements to asynchronously update data in a data store.
SelectData(SelectStatement[]) When implemented by a class, fetches data from a data store using the specified query statements. Inherited from IDataStore.
SelectDataAsync(CancellationToken, SelectStatement[]) Uses specified query statements to asynchronously fetch data from a data store.
UpdateSchema(Boolean, DBTable[]) When implemented by a class, updates the storage schema according to the specified class descriptions. Inherited from IDataStore.
UpdateSchemaAsync(CancellationToken, Boolean, DBTable[])
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