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BaseStatement Members

Serves as the base class for the classes that represent statements.


Name Description
Alias A String value that identifies the table. Inherited from JoinNode.
Condition Specifies the criteria expression. Inherited from JoinNode.
Operands The collection of operands.
SubNodes Provides access to the collection of sub nodes that is represented by a JoinNodeCollection object. Inherited from JoinNode.
Table Inherited from JoinNode.
Type A JoinType enumeration value that specifies the join’s type. Inherited from JoinNode.


Name Description
CollectJoinNodesAndCriteria(out List<JoinNode>, out List<CriteriaOperator>) Inherited from JoinNode.
Equals(Object, Object) static Determines whether the specified object instances are considered equal. Inherited from Object.
Equals(Object) Determines whether the current object has the same settings as the specified object.
GetColumn(String) Returns the column with the specified name. Inherited from JoinNode.
GetHashCode() Gets the hash code (a number) that corresponds to the value of the current BaseStatement object.
GetTablesColumns(BaseStatement[]) static This member supports the internal infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
GetTablesNames() Returns the names of the tables that are referenced in the statement.
GetTablesNames(BaseStatement[]) static Returns the names of the tables that are referenced in the specified statements.
GetType() Gets the Type of the current instance. Inherited from Object.
MemberwiseClone() protected Creates a shallow copy of the current Object. Inherited from Object.
ReferenceEquals(Object, Object) static Determines whether the specified Object instances are the same instance. Inherited from Object.
ToString() Returns a string that represents the current object. Inherited from JoinNode.
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