IRepositoryQuery<T> Members

The IRepositoryQuery interface represents an extension of IQueryable designed to provide an ability to specify the related objects to include in the query results.


Name Description
ElementType Gets the type of the element(s) that are returned when the expression tree associated with this instance of IQueryable is executed. Inherited from IQueryable.
Expression Gets the expression tree that is associated with the instance of IQueryable. Inherited from IQueryable.
Provider Gets the query provider that is associated with this data source. Inherited from IQueryable.


Name Description
GetEnumerator() Returns an enumerator that iterates through the collection. Inherited from IEnumerable<T>.
Include<TProperty>(Expression<Func<T, TProperty>>) Specifies the related objects to include in the query results.
Where(Expression<Func<T, Boolean>>) Filters a sequence of entities based on the given predicate.
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