SelectQueryFluentBuilder.Join(String, JoinType, String, String, ConditionType) Method

Performs a specified join operation.

Namespace: DevExpress.DataAccess.Sql

Assembly: DevExpress.DataAccess.v20.2.dll


public SelectQueryFluentBuilder Join(
    string tableName,
    JoinType joinType,
    string parentColumnName,
    string nestedColumnName,
    ConditionType compareOperator
Public Function Join(
    tableName As String,
    joinType As JoinType,
    parentColumnName As String,
    nestedColumnName As String,
    compareOperator As ConditionType
) As SelectQueryFluentBuilder


Name Type Description
tableName String

A String value, specifying the name of a resulting table.

joinType JoinType

A JoinType enumeration value.

parentColumnName String

A String value, specifying the parent column name.

nestedColumnName String

A String value, specifying the nested column name.

compareOperator ConditionType

A ConditionType enumeration value.


Type Description

A SelectQueryFluentBuilder object.

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