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PivotFileDataSource(Stream) Constructor

Initializes a new instance of the PivotFileDataSource class, and loads pivot grid data from the specified stream.

Namespace: DevExpress.Data.PivotGrid

Assembly: DevExpress.PivotGrid.v22.2.Core.dll

NuGet Packages: DevExpress.PivotGrid.Core, DevExpress.Win.Dashboard.Design


public PivotFileDataSource(
    Stream stream


Name Type Description
stream Stream

A Stream object that represents the stream from which to load data.


After the PivotFileDataSource object has been created, assign it to a pivot grid’s PivotGridControl.DataSource property, to pass the data to the Pivot Grid Control.

To restore a pivot grid’s data from a file identified by its name, use another overload of the constructor that takes a String parameter.

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