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ICustomAggregateConvertibleToExpression.Convert(ICriteriaToExpressionConverter, Expression, ParameterExpression, Expression[]) Method

When implemented by a custom aggregate function, converts it to a Linq expression.

Namespace: DevExpress.Data.Filtering

Assembly: DevExpress.Data.v22.2.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Data


Expression Convert(
    ICriteriaToExpressionConverter converter,
    Expression collectionProperty,
    ParameterExpression elementParameter,
    params Expression[] operands


Name Type Description
converter DevExpress.Data.Linq.ICriteriaToExpressionConverter

An DevExpress.Data.Linq.Helpers.ICriteriaToExpressionConverter object that converts a criteria to an expression.

collectionProperty Expression

An Expression that returns a collection used to calculate a custom aggregate.

elementParameter ParameterExpression

An Expression that returns a collection’s item that provides arguments for the custom aggregate function.

operands Expression[]

An array of Expressions that specify aggregate function operands.


Type Description

An Expression object that specifies a LINQ expression.


You can use this interface if you require a custom aggregate function to work with the following server-mode sources:LinqServerModeSource, LinqInstantFeedbackSource, PLinqServerModeSource, PLinqInstantFeedbackSource, EntityServerModeSource, and EntityInstantFeedbackSource.

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