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CustomSummaryEventArgs Properties

Provides data for the GridView.CustomSummaryCalculate event.
Name Description
FieldValue Gets the processed field value.
GroupLevel Gets the nested level of the group whose summary value is being calculated.
GroupRowHandle Gets a value identifying the group row whose child data rows are involved in summary calculation.
IsGroupSummary Gets whether a group summary value is being calculated.
IsTotalSummary Gets whether a total summary value is being calculated.
Item Gets a summary item whose value is being calculated.
Mode Specifies how summaries are calculated - against all rows or for the selected rows.
Row Gets the currently processed row.
RowHandle Gets the handle of the processed row.
SummaryProcess Gets a value indicating calculation stage.
TotalValue Gets or sets the total summary value.
TotalValueReady Gets or sets whether the Calculation stage of the custom summary calculation process should be skipped.
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