BootstrapChart.ResolveLabelOverlapping Property

Specifies how the chart must behave when series point labels overlap.

Namespace: DevExpress.Web.Bootstrap

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.Bootstrap.v21.1.dll


public ChartResolveLabelOverlapping ResolveLabelOverlapping { get; set; }

Property Value

Type Default Description


One of the ChartResolveLabelOverlapping enumeration values.

Available values:

Name Description

Do not resolve label overlapping.


Resolve overlapping by hiding labels. Labels to be hidden are determined automatically.


Arrange labels in a stack.


Series point labels display series point values. If your chart contains several series with a large number of points in each, point labels may overlap. In this case, specify how the chart must resolve overlapping using the ResolveLabelOverlapping property. To hide certain labels, set this option to ‘hide‘. Labels to be hidden will be determined automatically. If labels that overlap belong to series points that have the same argument, you can arrange these labels in a stack. For this purpose, set the ResolveLabelOverlapping option to ‘stack‘.

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