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ASPxClientTreeViewNode.SetChecked(value) Method

Sets a value indicating whether the node is checked.


SetChecked(value: boolean): void


Name Type Description
value boolean

true if the node is checked; otherwise, false.


The ASPxTreeView allows end-users to check nodes. Use the SetChecked method to check nodes on the client side via code.

In order to determine whether a node is checked, use the ASPxClientTreeViewNode.GetChecked method on the client side.

To learn more, see the Check Box Support topic.


The function below checks all nodes within the ASPxTreeView control on the client side.

    function CheckAll(s, e) {
        CheckBranch (treeview);
        function CheckBranch (branch){
            for (var i=0; i < branch.GetNodeCount(); i++){
                if (branch.GetNode(i).GetNodeCount() != 0){
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