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ASPxClientRibbon.SetEnabled(enabled) Method

Specifies whether the ribbon control is enabled.


    enabled: boolean
): void


Name Type Description
enabled boolean

true to enable the ribbon; false to disable it.


Use the SetEnabled method on the client to dynamically switch the ribbon’s capability to respond to end-user interactions (such as mouse hovering or clicks). The initial client availability state of a ribbon can be defined using its server ASPxRibbon.ClientEnabled property. In order to determine the availability of the ribbon, use the ASPxClientRibbon.GetEnabled method on the client side.

Note that the SetEnabled method result is not sent to the server side when a request is performed. This means that the disabled/enabled state is not synchronized with the server-side object. If you want to synchronize disabled/enabled states between the client and server sides, you can use the ASPxHiddenField control containing the disabled/enabled state, and restore it on the server side.


The SetEnabled method is not in effect if a ribbon is initially disabled on the server by setting the Enabled property to false.

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