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ASPxClientMenuBase.GetItem(index) Method

Returns the root menu item with the specified index.


    index: number
): ASPxClientMenuItem


Name Type Description
index number

The zero-based index of the root menu item.


Type Description

The root item with the specified index within the menu’s ASPxMenuBase.Items collection.


The menu’s ASPxMenuBase.Items collection contains the root menu items. Use the ASPxClientMenuBase.GetItem method to get the client menu item with the specified index at the root menu level.

The ASPxClientMenuBase.GetItemCount method returns the number of root menu items. Decrement this number by one to get the upper available value that you can pass to the ASPxClientMenuBase.GetItem method. This method returns null if you pass an invalid index to the parameter.

You can use the ASPxClientMenuItem.GetItem property to access a menu item’s subitem with the specified index.


This method returns an incorrect value if the EnableClientSideAPI property is set to false (default). Set this property to true to enable access to a control’s client-side object.

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