ASPxClientHint.Show(targetSelector) Method

Invokes a hint.


static Show(targetSelector: string | any | ASPxClientHintOptions, options?: ASPxClientHintOptions | string): void


Name Type Description
targetSelector string|any|js-ASPxClientHintOptions

A string value that is the CSS selector.

options js-ASPxClientHintOptions|string

An ASPxClientHintOptions object that is the hint's options.


Use the Show method to invoke the hint's window with the specified options targeting a UI element associated with the given CSS selector.

    content: 'hint content',
    title: 'information'

If the hint is invoked using the Show method, the server ASPxHint.TriggerAction property value and client options' ASPxClientHintOptions.triggerAction parameter value are set to HintTriggerAction.None and 'none', respectively.

By default, if a hint is connected to the target UI element on a web page, the hint is displayed within a callout box. If the CSS selector for the target element is not specified or the hint is shown in precise X/Y coordinates on the screen, the callout box isn't used. To control whether to show the callout box, use the hint options' ASPxClientHintOptions.showCallout setting in the [ASPxClientHint.Show](xref:js-ASPxClientHint.Show.static(targetSelector) ASPxClientHintOptions options) method. Use the server ASPxHint.ShowCallout property to specify whether the callout box should be displayed.

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