ASPxClientHiddenField.Remove(propertyName) Method

Removes the specified value from the ASPxHiddenField collection.


    propertyName: string
): void


Name Type Description
propertyName string

A string value representing the property name.


The Remove method removes an individual value with the specified property name from the control’s value collection. To remove all values from the collections, use the ASPxHiddenField.Clear method.

A new value can be added to the control’s value collection by using the ASPxClientHiddenField.Add and ASPxClientHiddenField.Set methods. To obtain the value from the collection with a specific property name, use the ASPxClientHiddenField.Get method.

Values from the control’s collection of property name/value pairs can also be manipulated on the server side by using the following methods: ASPxHiddenField.Add, ASPxHiddenField.Set, ASPxHiddenField.Get, ASPxHiddenField.Clear, ASPxHiddenField.Remove.

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