ASPxClientGridView.batchEditApi Property

Provides access to the batch editing client API.


batchEditApi: ASPxClientGridViewBatchEditApi

Property Value

Type Description

A ASPxClientGridViewBatchEditApi object that exposes the batch editing client API methods.


This example demonstrates different ways to skip or prevent editing certain cells. In this example, the batchEditApi property provides access to the ASPxClientGridViewBatchEditApi.GetCellValue property that is used to get cell value.

function onFocusedCellChanging(s, e) {
    if ( == 'command')
        e.cancel = true;
    else if (e.cellInfo.column.fieldName == 'SupplierID')
        e.cancel = true;
    else if (e.cellInfo.column.fieldName == 'UnitsInStock' && (e.cellInfo.rowVisibleIndex < 3 || e.cellInfo.rowVisibleIndex > 7))
        e.cancel = true;
    else if (e.cellInfo.column.fieldName == 'UnitPrice' && s.batchEditApi.GetCellValue(e.cellInfo.rowVisibleIndex, 'UnitPrice') > 22)
        e.cancel = true;

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