ASPxClientFilterControl.GetAppliedFilterExpression Method

Returns the applied filter expression.


GetAppliedFilterExpression(): string


Type Description

A string value that specifies the applied filter expression.


The current filter expression is specified by the ASPxFilterControlBase.FilterExpression property. To apply it, call the server-side ASPxFilterControlBase.ApplyFilter method or the client-side ASPxClientFilterControl.Apply method. In this instance, the current filter expression is assigned to the ASPxFilterControlBase.AppliedFilterExpression property.

Once applied, the current filter can be restored to the previously applied expression, specified by the ASPxFilterControlBase.AppliedFilterExpression property. To do this, use the server-side ASPxFilterControlBase.ResetFilter method or the client-side ASPxClientFilterControl.Reset method.

To obtain the current filter on the client, use the ASPxClientFilterControl.GetFilterExpression method.

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