ASPxClientFileManager.GetContextMenuItemByCommandName(commandName) Method

Returns a context menu item specified by its command name.


    commandName: string
): ASPxClientFileManagerToolbarItem


Name Type Description
commandName string

A string value specifying the command name of the item.


Type Description

An ASPxClientFileManagerToolbarItem object that is the item with the specified command name.


Use the GetContextMenuItemByCommandName method to get a context menu item object specified by its command name. An item's command name is defined by the CommandName property.

This method searches for the specified item amongst all items contained in the FileManagerSettingsContextMenu.Items collection. Note that if an invalid name is passed via the parameter, this method returns null.


The GetContextMenuItemByCommandName method can be used to get custom context menu items only.

A public API for getting access to standard items in the context menu or on the toolbar is not provided. The standard items are created by ASPxFileManager, and if you change them, you can change the logic of the ASPxFileManager functionality.


The complete example is available in the following DevExpress online demo: File Manager - Custom Toolbar.

function OnToolbarUpdating(s, e) {
     var enabled = (e.activeAreaName == "Folders" || FileManager.GetSelectedItems().length > 0) && e.activeAreaName != "None";
     FileManager.GetContextMenuItemByCommandName ("Properties").SetEnabled(enabled);
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