ASPxClientEvent<T>.AddHandler(handler) Method

Dynamically connects the event with an appropriate event handler function.


    handler: T
): void


Name Type Description
handler T

An object representing the event handling function's content.


This method assigns a specific handling function to a client-side event represented by the event object. Typically, this method is used internally to connect a particular client-side event with a corresponding handler which is specified at design time (you can open the ClientSideEvents property in the Properties window to access a web control's client events and provide handlers for them at design time by using their EventHandlerBody or EventHandlerName properties).

You can, however, use the AddHandler method to manually connect an event with a specific handling function while operating on the client-side.

If you need to disconnect an event from the associated handler you should use the ASPxClientEvent.RemoveHandler method.

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