ASP.NET Core Reporting (CTP)

DevExpress Reporting is supported in ASP.NET Core applications as a Community Technology Preview.


Consider the following ASP.NET Core application prerequisites:

  • Install .Net Core 2.1 SDK or later.
  • Install Visual Studio 2017 version 15.7 or later with the following workloads:

    • ASP.NET and web development
    • .NET Core cross-platform development

Adding a Report to an ASP.NET Core Application

Follow the Add a New Report to an ASP.NET Core Application (CTP) tutorial to add a report to an ASP.NET Core application and edit it in the Visual Studio Report Designer.

Adding DevExpress Reporting Controls to an ASP.NET Core Application

The following tutorials detail how to add the Report Designer and Document Viewer to an ASP.NET Core application:

Create an ASP.NET Core Reporting Application Using a Project Template

The following tutorials detail how to use the DevExpress Template Gallery and .NET Core command line interface (CLI) to create an ASP.NET Core reporting application:

Docker Support

You can dockerize (add to a Docker container) your DevExpress Reporting ASP.NET Core application. Go through the steps given in the Visual Studio Tools for Docker with ASP.NET Core tutorial.

Apply the following docker file configuration modification when adding the application to a Linux container:

 FROM microsoft/aspnetcore:2.0 AS base
 RUN apt-get update
 RUN apt-get install -y libgdiplus libc6-dev


Consider the following limitations relating to the DevExpress Reporting support in ASP.NET Core applications:

  • The XRRichText control is not available.
  • The ObjectDataSource component cannot obtain the data source schema from an assembly built against the .NET Core platform (only .NET Standard and full .NET Framework).
  • Linux-based environments are not able to generate 3D Charts that rely on the OpenGL library.
  • Report Scripts are not supported.
  • The CodeDom serialization functionality is not supported.
  • The Visual Studio Report Designer does not display a preview for the reports whose data source is based on the Entity Framework or Object Data Source.