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Get Started with DevExpress Reporting

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If you need to add DevExpress Reporting functionality to an application, you usually need to complete the following basic tasks:

The sections below guide you to the documents that help you get started with these tasks.

Design a Report in Visual Studio

You can add a DevExpress Report to the application in the same way as you add Forms, Pages, Windows, or User Controls. You add a new item to your project and it appears as an entry in your project tree. Open this new entry to access an integrated Report Designer.

The designer allows you to create platform-independent reports, preview them, and export to PDF, XLSX, and other formats.

Visual Studio Report Designer

The designer is supported for projects that target .NET 6+ or .NET Framework. Refer to the following topic for details: Create a Report in Visual Studio.

Integrate a Report into Your Application’s User Interface

DevExpress Reporting ships with the Document Viewer and the End-User Report Designer components for the following Microsoft platforms:

  • WinForms
  • WPF
  • ASP.NET Web Forms
  • ASP.NET Core
  • Blazor Server – includes a native viewer and a JavaScript-based viewer and designer.
  • WinUI – includes a viewer only.

The Document Viewer component displays an interactive document preview and allows you and your end users to print and export reports.

Web Document Viewer

The End-User Report Designer is a fully functional reporting tool that allows you and your end users to create, preview, print, export, and save reports.

Web Report Designer

Refer to the topics below for more information:

Desktop Platforms

Web Platforms

You can also integrate the Document Viewer and the End-User Report Designer components to JavaScript applications based on Angular, Vue, React, and Knockout frameworks.

Add a Report to Your Application and Print/Export this Report without Displaying It in the UI

Refer to the following topic for instructions: Print and Export Reports without a Preview.