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Tasks and Solutions for ASP.NET Core Applications

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This section contains developer tasks and links to solutions.

Document Viewer

Reporting Operations

How to… Link to Solution
Open a report Open a Report in ASP.NET Core Application
Implement a service that the OpenReport method uses to resolve a report name to a report instance Implement one of the following services:
Print a report IPreviewModel.Print
Send a report by email JSReportViewer.PerformCustomDocumentOperation


Web Document Viewer - Toolbar

How to… Link to Solution
Add a command to the Toolbar WebDocumentViewerClientSideEventsBuilder.CustomizeMenuActions
Hide export formats in the Toolbar ASPxClientCustomizeExportOptionsEventArgs.HideFormat
Perform custom actions that depend on the selected export format WebDocumentViewerClientSideEventsBuilder.CustomizeMenuActions
Remove the Toolbar WebDocumentViewerClientSideEventsBuilder.CustomizeElements
Enable MultiPage mode and change the Toggle Multipage Mode icon showMultipagePreview

Tab Panel

Web Document Viewer - Tab Panel

How to… Link to Solution
Collapse the Tab Panel IPreviewModel.tabPanel
Remove the Tab Panel Handle the WebDocumentViewerClientSideEventsBuilder.CustomizeElements event, find the Tab panel by its ID (DevExpress.Reporting.Viewer.PreviewElements.RightPanel), and remove it.

Preview Parameters Panel

Web Document Viewer - Preview Parameters Panel

How to… Link to Solution
Hide the Preview Parameters panel so that parameters are submitted automatically Set the Parameter.Visible property to false for all parameters.
Change the “Waiting for parameter values…” text WebDocumentViewerClientSideEventsBuilder.CustomizeLocalization
Create a custom parameter editor Custom Parameter Editor in the Document Viewer (ASP.NET Core)
Hide the Time part in the calendar editor WebDocumentViewerClientSideEventsBuilder.CustomizeParameterEditors
Validate user input and make the parameter “required” WebDocumentViewerClientSideEventsBuilder.CustomizeParameterEditors
Obtain selected parameter values and change them IPreviewModel.GetParametersModel
Initialize a report parameter value before the preview appears WebDocumentViewerClientSideEventsBuilder.ParametersInitialized
Select the first item in the lookup value list WebDocumentViewerClientSideEventsBuilder.CustomizeParameterLookUpSource

Export Options Panel

Web Document Viewer - Export Options Panel

How to… Link to Solution
Customize the Export Options panel ASPxClientCustomizeExportOptionsEventArgs
Hide the Export Options panel ASPxClientCustomizeExportOptionsEventArgs.HideExportOptionsPanel
Use the Show Print Dialog on Open setting in PDF Export Options This option has no effect because most modern browsers disable PDF scripts. Review the following topic for alternatives: Print Without a Preview

Search Panel

Web Document Viewer - Search Panel

How to… Link to Solution
Disable the F hotkey that expands the Search panel IAction.hotKey
Remove the Search panel and hide the Search command in the toolbar Settings.SearchAvailable / WebDocumentViewerSearchSettings.SearchEnabled
Use asynchronous search WebDocumentViewerSearchSettings.UseAsyncSearch

Document Map Panel

Web Document Viewer - Document Map Panel

How to… Link to Solution
Show the Document Map panel automatically when the report is loaded WebDocumentViewerClientSideEventsBuilder.DocumentReady

Document Navigation

How to… Link to Solution
Click a report element to navigate to another report WebDocumentViewerClientSideEventsBuilder.PreviewClick
Navigate pages automatically IPreviewModel.GoToPage

Document Settings

How to… Link to Solution
Specify a zoom factor when the document is displayed GetReportPreview

Report Designer


Web Report Designer - Toolbox

How to… Link to Solution
Remove a control from the Toolbox ReportDesignerClientSideEventsBuilder.CustomizeToolbox

Properties Panel

Web Report Designer - Properties Panel

How to… Link to Solution
Show Quick Actions QuickActionsVisible
Hide the Task group TaskGroupVisible
Hide or disable individual editors or sections for the specified control type JSReportDesigner.GetPropertyInfo

Web Report Designer - Menu

How to… Link to Solution
Add/Remove menu and toolbar commands CustomizeMenuActions
Hide the Add Data Source menu item and the Add Data Source button (Field List Panel) ReportDesignerDataSourceSettings.AllowAddDataSource

Field List Panel

Web Report Designer - Field List Panel

How to… Link to Solution
Hide action buttons ReportDesignerDataSourceSettings

Report Wizard

Web Report Designer - Report Wizard

How to… Link to Solution
Initialize report settings shown in the wizard Change the Predefined Wizard Settings
Initialize settings shown on a certain page Change the Predefined Page Settings
Remove a page Remove a Page
Remove a page section Remove a Page Section
Add/Remove color schemes in the Specify Page Settings page Customize Color Schemes
Add/Remove predefined templates or add custom report templates ReportWizardCustomizationService
Customize a newly created report ReportWizardCustomizationService


How to… Link to Solution
Register a custom font ReportDesignerClientSideEventsBuilder.BeforeRender