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Create a Report from A to Z

This section contains step-by-step tutorials that demonstrate how to create a simple table report that covers basic features of DevExpress Reports.

Report document with page numbers and system information

Tutorial 1 - Bind a Report to Data
Explains how to bind a report to an SQLite database.
Tutorial 2 - Design the Report Layout
Describes how to display data from the database in a table and format the content of the table cells.
Tutorial 3 - Use Parameters to Filter Report Data Dynamically
Demonstrates how to filter table records dynamically using report parameters.
Tutorial 4 - Customize Report Appearance
Shows how to use report styles to customize the table appearance and get a nice-looking report document.
Tutorial 5 - Group Report Data and Calculate Summaries
Explains how to group table records by prices and calculate group summaries.
Tutorial 6 - Add Navigation to a Report
Describes how to add page numbers, a document map, and a table of contents to the report.
Tutorial 7 - Add Interactivity to a Report
Demonstrates how to enable content editing and sorting in Preview.
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