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ASP.NET Core Reporting Best Practices

  • 2 minutes to read

The AspNetCore.Reporting.BestPractices repository contains an example application that demonstrates best practices when you design a web reporting application. The repository’s README file consists of the following sections that describe these best practices:

How to Upgrade a Project

Each major DevExpress version has its own branch in the repository. If you download a branch with the same major version as you’ve got on your machine, no upgrade is necessary because packages are updated automatically when the project is built.

To upgrade a project manually, do the following:

  1. Update NuGet packages for the solution.
  2. Update the version of the @devexpress/analytics-core, devexpress-reporting-angular, devexpress-reporting, devexpress-richedit, and devextreme-dist packages in the package.json file and run npm install. The package.json files are in the ASP.NET Core MVC project’s root folder and in the ClientApp folder of the AspNetCore.Reporting.Angular project.

For more information, review the Version Upgrade Guide for Web Reporting help topic.