TreeListNodesIterator Class

Enables you to perform specified operations over nodes from the predefined set.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraTreeList.Nodes.Operations

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraTreeList.v20.1.dll


public class TreeListNodesIterator
Public Class TreeListNodesIterator

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The following members accept/return TreeListNodesIterator objects:


Nodes of the Tree List control are represented in a tree-like structure. Basically, you must write a recursive method to traverse through data represented in this manner. However, the Tree List control provides a TreeListNodesIterator class that allows you to avoid writing such code.

The TreeListNodesIterator class provides three methods that can be used to traverse through different sets of nodes and perform a specific operations on each of them. You can either visit all the nodes within the control, nodes from the predefined node collection or visible nodes from the predefined range. This is performed via the TreeListNodesIterator.DoOperation, TreeListNodesIterator.DoLocalOperation and TreeListNodesIterator.DoVisibleNodesOperation methods respectively.

Each method of the TreeListNodesIterator class gets a parameter that specifies the operation to be performed on visited nodes. The operation can be specified by a descendant of the TreeListOperation or TreeListVisibleNodeOperation class. Both these classes are abstract and it is up to you to create the descendant that suits your needs. Note that these classes also declare methods that are used to determine which nodes from the predefined set are to be visited.

The TreeListNodesIterator object can be accessed via the TreeList.NodesIterator property of the Tree List control.


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