RichEditControl.AssignShortcutKeyToCommand(Keys, Keys, RichEditCommandId, Boolean) Method

Assigns a shortcut key to a command. The shortcut key is available for all RichEdit views.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraRichEdit

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraRichEdit.v21.2.dll


public void AssignShortcutKeyToCommand(
    Keys key,
    Keys modifier,
    RichEditCommandId commandId,
    bool updateToolTip


Name Type Description
key Keys

A Keys enumeration member specifying a key to assign.

modifier Keys

A Keys enumeration member specifying a modifier key.

commandId RichEditCommandId

A RichEditCommandId enumeration member specifying a command.

updateToolTip Boolean

True to modify a tooltip of the BarItem to which a command is assigned; otherwise, false.


The AssignShortcutKeyToCommand method override enables you to modify a tooltip of the bar item (the BarItem.SuperTip property) in the RichEdit UI so that it displays the correct shortcut information. To do this, set the updateToolTip parameter to true.


If the command already has a shortcut, the AssignShortcutKeyToCommand method does not change the related tooltip. The tooltip will show the previously assigned shortcut.

To remove a command shortcut, use the RichEditControl.RemoveShortcutKey method.


The following code assigns Ctrl+G shortcut to the ToggleShowWhitespaceCommand command and removes predefined Ctrl+N shortcut so that it is no longer in use.

View Example

richEditControl.Text = "Use 'Ctrl+G' shortcut to show/hide whitespace characters";
richEditControl.Text += "\r\nA new document can not be created by pressing 'Ctrl+N' shortcut since this shortcut is disabled";
richEditControl.AssignShortcutKeyToCommand(System.Windows.Forms.Keys.Control, System.Windows.Forms.Keys.G, RichEditCommandId.ToggleShowWhitespace);
richEditControl.RemoveShortcutKey(System.Windows.Forms.Keys.Control, System.Windows.Forms.Keys.N);
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