CompositeLink.ShowPreviewDialog(IWin32Window) Method

Invokes the modal Print Preview form with the document created from this link.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraPrintingLinks

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraPrinting.v20.2.dll


public virtual void ShowPreviewDialog(
    IWin32Window owner
Public Overridable Sub ShowPreviewDialog(
    owner As IWin32Window


Name Type Description
owner IWin32Window

A IWin32Window object representing the parent window for this dialog.


If the link's document has not yet been created (the CompositeLink.CreateDocument method has not been called for it), then calling the ShowPreviewDialog method will create it first.

Consequently, if a document was created prior to calling the ShowPreviewDialog method, and nothing was changed that may force its re-creation, the ShowPreviewDialog method does not re-create it, so you need to manually call the CompositeLink.CreateDocument method to apply the document changes.

For more information, see Print Preview.


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