DiagramControl.ToggleSubordinatesVisibility(DiagramItem) Method

Shows or hides the item's subordinate items.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraDiagram

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraDiagram.v20.1.dll


public void ToggleSubordinatesVisibility(
    DiagramItem item
Public Sub ToggleSubordinatesVisibility(
    item As DiagramItem


Name Type Description
item DiagramItem

The DiagramItem for which to toggle the visibility of the subordinate items.


Users can click the expand-collapse button below an item to show or hide the subordinate items.

Expand subordinates

The DiagramItem.CanHideSubordinates property specifies whether to display the expand-collapse button.

The DiagramItem.AreSubordinatesVisible property returns whether the item's subordinates are currently visible.

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